My Best Yelp Reviews: The School of Life – 4/5 Stars

The School of Life
£££ Adult Education, Bookstores, Life Coach
70 Marchmont Street
London WC1N 1AB
United Kingdom

I have watched every video ever that The School of Life has put out on their YouTube station. I love to hate on Alain De Botton’s pragmatist, pro-capitalist and anti-polyamory videos (open marriage guy here!) on the comments section but more than that – I love to love on the interpersonal videos that he puts on. He is the queen of peeling off layers of communication issues with relationships, and it really has helped me understand my own relationships. So The School of Life deserves the million YouTube subscribers that it has achieved in the year 2016.

And less important than The School of Life’s videos is this puny little gift shop that De Botton funds, which consists of simplified bags, books, and cute items with quotes. It is very underwhelming to come here after watching the videos. However, if you’re looking for a better holiday gift than the scented candle, you can get your work acquaintance a tote bag with an inspirational quote on it. The focus of this place seems to be offering live classes and workshops that are hosted mostly around London. I believe classes are upwards of 60 or 70 quid and many of them are unavailable to non-members. Membership is £££ so if you really want to attend members-only classes, you probably will make one of De Botton’s many illustrators happy. The only class I was interested in was a members-only course on intimacy that was conducted in an upscale restaurant. Whoever I spoke to was not only disinclined at my attendance but was uninterested in me becoming a member because the course I wanted to attend was happening too soon.

When I was in London earlier this year, I got to visit the actual store. The guy at the desk didn’t say anything or look at me when I came inside. I believe he was a hologram because he didn’t move though he was looking up. Although he wasn’t see-through, I don’t think he perceived that door opening or shutting and my coming inside. There were chairs and I could have uncomfortably sat there and tested seeing if he would have minded my sitting there but the chairs were placed in a way that they not really for sitting on. The books on the tables were more for display than reading them. I was in and out in a few minutes. I felt more comfortable sitting on a footstool at Skoob Books nearby than testing out to see if this guy really was made out of lasers.

The School of Life storefront on Marchmont Street, London, June 2016

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