Chris G’s Best Yelp Reviews – Paradis (Vegan Sorbet Rant) 2/5 Stars

Paradis – CLOSED
$ Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt
1726 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

The major irritation about this place is their deceptive advertising. They forwardly claim to have vegan options – and yes, technically they do. I went in here once, and after asking, the worker pointed to two sorbets. It’s not only irritating, it’s extremely tacky to claim that a sorbet is vegan because sorbet is always vegan.

Any ice cream shop that has sorbet can claim to have a vegan option, which almost all ice cream shops in Los Angeles do, which makes this place as special as Häagen Dazs. Unlike an ice cream shop like Scoops in Los Angeles or Maggie Mudd in San Francisco which actually has vegan options, because they offer soy-based ice creams – Sorbet is ALWAYS vegan. It always has been vegan and always will be. Using dairy in sorbet would make it sherbet.

It’s as absurd as claiming that a fruit stand has a vegan bowl of cherries. Or a coffee shop has a vegan espresso. Or a bakery has a vegan loaf of bread. Sorbet is ALWAYS vegan. Please either get non-dairy ice cream or remove the vegan label. This deceptive advertising on Yelp’s iPhone app, which got me in this place, is making ignorant people more ignorant.

One extra star because the ‘vegan sorbet’ tasted decent.

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